Saturday, October 10, 2009

About Me — Denny Coates

I'm the creator of Strong for Parenting, Strong for Life, Strong for Performance, Strong for Mentoring Students, Strong for Mentoring Youth, Strong for Mentoring Athletes, and ProStar Coach Enterprise - customized versions of ProStar Coach, a new kind of online virtual coaching service for developing personal strength and people skills. I’ve been in the learning and development business for over 35 years, and CEO of Performance Support Systems, Inc., since 1987. During that time, all my work has been focused on helping people learn and grow stronger for the challenges of life and work.

In 1994 I created 20/20 Insight, an online multi-source survey platform. Since then it has been used by millions of people worldwide to assess and develop managers and employees. These days I design new features and write content for online self-directed learning programs that support continuous reinforcement of skills and behavior patterns.

I love writing, and my passionate interest is helping people learn. For decades, I've been pursuing two questions. How do people learn? I mean, how does it really happenin the brain? And what can people learn that will make a big difference in their lives? As I look back, I see that my own life has been a fascinating learning journey. So my goal with this blog is to meet people who are pursuing similar journeys, in hopes that by sharing what I’ve learned so far, I might help them achieve their goals.

My current focus is on teenagers and their parents, helping them achieve success as the young person prepares for the challenges of adult life.

Today, I live in the Texas Hill Country with my wife, travel writer Kathleen Scott. I have two grown sons, Sean and Teller, who are pursuing successful IT careers. When I’m not writing about personal development, relationships and leadership, I’m probably outside cultivating native, drought-tolerant, deer-resistant plants that flower and attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife.


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