Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Sushi...

This year Kathleen and I are spending Thanksgiving with my oldest son, Sean, and his wife, Jessica, and their family. In New York City. All my visits to the city have been memorable, and this one should be, too. For one thing, there'll be no traditional Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings. Their tradition is for the family to gather at Jessica's mother's house to make and eat home-made sushi. That will be a first! I love firsts...

For me, the best thing about holidays is the time off, and the occasion for family gatherings. So I guess that makes Thanksgiving my favorite traditional holiday.

I plan to be so busy with family that I won't have time to post during the long weekend . Would you? In any case, I'll be back next week posting daily about the things that inspire me. Maybe I'll have a New York story or two...

I know that our separate lives are mostly unknown to each other, but before leaving for the airport, I'd like to reach out with this wish, that at this point in your unique journey of joy and striving, you get a chance to nurture your relationships among your friends and family.

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Lisa Monet said...

Hi Denny,

So interesting to find your post here today, as I'd been thinking about you!

We five had a traditional Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings. It was a triumph, thanks to my "significant daughter". She even printed an elegant menu to accompany it.

Two days later we had my daughter's salmon and California Sushi. Delish!

But why had I been thinking of you? I was holding our cat, Charlie, 15, on the sunny deck and drinking in his sweetness. Do you remember your response to my "cats are such eye candy" comment?

Bountiful blessings,

Lisa Monet