Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Oil Spill - A Contrasting Spirit

On the one hand, you have politicians who worked next to the President of the United States who were part of the oil establishment and who willfully let companies like BP write the rules they wanted and enforce themselves. Instead of doing the right thing for safety, you have greed and hubris. You have the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which is destroying a beautiful part of Earth and a vital fishing industry. You have evil.

By contrast, you have a spirit that values the sea and the land and the life that flourishes there. You have appreciation for the fragility of the environment. You have people doing what then can to responsibly care for these resources. Rather than acting in self-interest, you have people doing the right thing.

Watch this brief clip. It is the voice of the spirit that stands in contrast to the values of the people responsible for the BP oil disaster. It's worth listening to over and over again.


Hodgesb said...

That would have been nice to hear at the World Series games.. I like it.

Sean said...

So, what's wrong with the real anthem? Maybe it's wrong to have pride in your country? Feh.

I dunno, when people start equating oil with evil, it just ticks me off. Yes, the BP disaster was unfortunate, but disasters happen. What are you going to do, outlaw all oil drilling? Learn from the disaster and be more careful and prepared next time.

Often I find people that are dead-set against humanity and want to eliminate humans in order to "save the planet". You know what? The planet will survive just fine, no matter what we do it in our all-too-brief time here. In the geological scale, the planet will barely notice us, and then blink, we're gone.

"Peace on earth" we hear, over and over again. How? Should we just throw down all our arms and disband all our armies and hope for the best, that our enemies won't come and kill us? For we do have enemies.

It's "all for the children", we hear. Without free enterprise and energy, most of the children would die before reaching adulthood. Life in the pure, green forests, free from "evil" oil companies and "evil" governments, was short, disease-ridden, and a constant struggle just to survive.

We need energy. And that means an energy industry. Oil drilling, nuclear plants, ecosystem-damaging dams... all of which will have bad side effects on the environment. And occasionally some really ugly disasters. But the benefits of having energy are huge and far outweigh these problems.