Sunday, January 31, 2010

PERSEVERANCE - Rocky Balboa's Great Motivational Speech

The video is only two minutes long, but this is a great motivational speech. I know you've heard the message before, and you may have even seen the movie, but we all need to hear it again from time to time!

Whenever I think of perseverance, the first image that flashes in my mind is that of a boxer on his knees. Will he get up and give himself another chance to win? Or will he stay down? The images aren't abstract to me. When I was a cadet at West Point I took a P.E. course in boxing, so I know what it's like to get pounded. Getting up from the mat takes a lot of grit.

And has anybody said it better than Rocky?


Ryan said...

Don't try harder, try longer. Force, although it can work over the long haul, always negates. The key is to keep trying at whatever you want to achieve so that you remove any resistance to you getting there.

Great video.


Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach said...

Hi Denny,
I must say I agree with you about this film clip. Winners get up and keep moving toward their goal.

It really is about how hard you can get hit and still get up!

I spend a great deal of time inspiring back office, infrastructure, and support teams who often get taken for granted in orgs. Some start pointing the fingers to others when they get demoralized. I will share this clip with them for sure!

I offer as well the following post to help leaders inspire workplace teams in this prolonged recession.

Inspiring Behind-the-Scenes & Support Teams

Best wishes on a great post -- I will RT it on Twitter.
Kate Nasser

Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy) said...

I love this speech and have found it inspiring and motivating more times than I can remember. I even wrote a blog post about it a while back that you may find interesting, Denny.

I also have to say I agree with Ryan's comment about trying longer. For me, this is a speech about perseverance.

Here's that blog I mentioned above, it's called "You Didn't Start This Fight, But You'd Better Finish It"

I'd love your feedback on my post and how it connects with what you're discussing here.