Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tony Robbins' Pillar #3 - Remove Barriers to Action

If you haven't viewed the previously posted videos about Pillar #1 and Pillar #2, you should do so. They're really brief, worth your time. Now Pillar #3...

Can you put these three insights into action? A good first step is to relate Tony's concepts to you personally. Write down the answers to these questions.

1. Focus on your passion, your core motivation. When you think you know what it is, peel back the onion...ask yourself why you want that. When you have that answer, ask "why" again.

2. What will empower you to action? What tools and resources do you need? How can you put those in place so you can move forward?

3. What's holding you back? What slows you down? What do you have to do you remove these barriers?

This may sound like a lot of work, just for a New Year's resolution. If it does, then maybe you don't want that goal badly enough....

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