Monday, March 15, 2010

FORTUNE COOKIE - Personal Development

Today I was thinking about some of the people I know who I think of as “life-long learners.” I know well over a thousand people, and probably hundreds of them are actively involved in various aspects of personal development.  

One of my best friends connects the dots faster than anyone I know. He’s a voracious learner, and sometimes he feeds me new information in areas of my passionate interest. I know his personal history, and it seems to me he’s lived seven or eight lives. Now he’s involved in several entrepreneurial ventures. So far, he’s my leading candidate for "The Most Interesting Man in the World"—an amazing human being.

Another best friend has been an avid learner all her life. I remember a time when she had to have a major operation to correct a life-threatening condition. The procedure upset her hormonal system, which caused a chemical imbalance in her brain, leading to depression. Her doctors attacked the problem with medication, but they took years to find the right combination of drugs, some of which were addictive. On her own initiative, my friend slowly reduced and eliminated the medications, while training her brain to approach life with a serene, positive outlook. This monumental effort to improve her condition took several years, and she learned some powerful skills along the way. In the end, it worked. She did for herself what her doctors could not. Now she’s learning how to turn her healing skills into a new business. This month she's mastering a new skill: voice-over narration. She’s my candidate for "The Most Self-Empowering Woman in the World"—one of my heroes.

I think of myself as a life-long learner, too. I got my Ph.D. when I was 32, but most of what I know now I’ve learned since I turned 40. At 65, I still feel as if I'm running to catch up to the learning curve. 

Knowledge, experience and wisdom give us power. As do skills. And we need to develop our bodies as well as our minds. That means continuous learning and new habits for health, fitness and nutrition. 

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Learn something new, and that treasure will never be taken from you.

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Post by Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., , Copyright 2010. Building Personal Strength .


Ryan said...

I feel that each moment carries a perfect lesson. Being mindful the moment opens a world of possibilities to learn from. Moment after moment :)

A great take on learning Denny.

Personal Development said...

A lot of people think that after school is done that they'll never have to open another book or learn another thing again.

They fail to realize that daily they are learning from and writing in the book of life.

Their own lives.

Learning never ends.

Be gentle with yourself and be aware.

Take notice of the miracle that's before you and open yourself up to the possibilities that are constantly presenting themselves to you.

I like the most interesting man in the world thing. Inspired me for my next article. Thanks! Ian

Karen Putz said...

How timely this post is! On my 44th birthday last year, I was feeling quite down and feeling like the best years of life were over with. Then I met a 67-year old gal, Judy Myers, who helped inspire me again. Just yesterday, I spent the day with her on the water, honing my barefoot waterski skills again. Learning never stops.

JKW said...

Wonderful to see a guy so interesting in learning. I graduated BS age 42, went on to take legal classes, then at 60 a life & health agents license for working in the field (not selling). Now studying psychology to better understand 'humans' and focus on the now. Enjoying your interpretation of life. Blessings, Janet

Joe Hefferon said...

Nice piece Dennis. I am a firm believer that life-ling learning is the most effective way to stave off stress and other maladies of age, such as dementia. Thanks