Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Visitor - Get Ten Times the Benefit from Your Visit

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting! I trust you'll find something beneficial here. 

I recently noticed that I've posted over 500 articles here! I guess if you post a new article almost every day for over a year, this will happen. It adds up to a significant resource.

On the other hand, most visitors think that reading an older post is like reading an old newspaper. And with a typical newsy kind of blog, that's probably true.

But the articles I publish in Building Personal Strength aren't like that. I write them to be "timeless." Instead of commenting about current events and the things that happen in my day, I tell stories about developing people skills and personal strengths, which can encourage a person to be more successful in life and work.

So people who don't search my archives are missing something.

In case you're not in the habit of browsing a blog, here's how to get 10 times the value from a single visit...

1. In the right sidebar, scroll down to "Categories." Click on a category that intrigues you.

2. This brings up a page with all the previous posts (starting with the most recent) related to this category. Scroll down until you find an article that interests you.

3. After you've read the article, go to the last line of the post, which begins with the word "Labels." These are the key words related to this post. If you'd like to try another article related to any of these topics, click on the key word.

4. This brings up a page with all the posts related to the keyword. Scroll down until you find another article of interest.

You can continue this process indefinitely, reading one article of interest after another. And I guarantee it won't be like reading old newspapers! When you want to return to the most recent post on the main page, click on the Building Personal Strength top banner.

One more tip....

If you enjoy the articles, remember that I post a new one almost every day. So why not sign up as a Follower? In the right sidebar, click on the "Follow" button, follow the instructions, and you'll be notified immediately by RSS feed of the new topic of the day, which will be only one click away.

When you feel rewarded, please tell your friends! Send them a link to the blog so they can enjoy it, too.

I hope you benefit from every visit! And I wish you health, strength, and prosperity in your life and work.

Post by Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., Copyright 2010. Building Personal Strength .


Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching the 250 milestone. I recently hit the 100 post mark, so I've got a long way to go.

Thanks for providing such a helpful resource,



Anonymous said...

Great idea to post a short-form instruction manual for readers. As a blog writer, I take for granted that "everyone" knows how to navigate these interesting spaces, but unless you have worked with the formats personally, how would you know about categories, archives, etc.

Your vintage posts, more than most, are useful and "evergreen" because they stand alone to illustrate a helpful module for "building personal strength" and are not necessarily anchored in the present moment.

I had taken my archives off-line this summer and am now going through each one, fixing any errors, standardizing typefaces, updating categories, etc., and am finding the exercise personally useful. I told Buck last night, that as I read about some of the tsunami-like experiences in our lives between 2005 and 2009, it's no wonder we are just now getting our emotional feet back under ourselves; and that we really do need to treat ourselves more gently and be kind to ourselves. That was a big hug moment, and we have begun to do just that.

Congratulations on your 250 milestone. I look forward to many more.