Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life-Changing Insights for Teenage Girls

I found the following in the editorial page of our local paper. A fellow saved the quote from a preacher's sermon and was passing it along. Now I'm passing it along to you...

We need to teach our daughters and granddaughters to distinguish between a man who flatters her and a man who compliments her, a man who spends money on her and a man who invests in her, a man who views her as property and a man who views her properly, a man who lusts after her and a man who loves her, a man who believes he is God's gift to women and a man who remembers that a woman was God's gift to man.


Here's a good exercise...take one of the above discriminators and ask the young girl, "What would that look like?" And let her answer be the start point for a conversation.

For example, "When a man views a woman as property, what would that look like?"

And, "When a man views a woman properly, what would that look like?"

That ought to exercise her pre-frontal cortex!

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Post by Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., Copyright 2012. Building Personal Strength .

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Mimi N said...

That is such a fabulous exercise in teaching wisdom to our girls! Thank you for sharing this example!