Saturday, February 25, 2012

Will Expert Communication Skills Make You a Better Parent?

If you want to have a positive impact on teenagers, you need to connect with them. But teens aren't always so easy to talk to. They're on a journey that ultimately leads to flying away from the nest, and they're experimenting with independence and exploring their individuality. And emotions can flare at any time.

It helps to have strong communication skills. Or does it?

Meredith Bell
I recently spoke with Meredith Bell, who has been consulting, speaking, writing and developing products in the area of people skills for 25 years. I wanted to know if her expertise in interpersonal communication helped her raise her teen daughter.

It was an interesting conversation...

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The books she referred to are available at

Conversations with the Wise Aunt

Conversations with the Wise Uncle


Just Listen

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Jimenez Weerden said...

I think that not only expert communication skills matter but also the relation between the parent and the kid. You both need something to identify with. I'm not a parent, but just someone in his 20's and I know that many teenagers -for example- love online games and use online jargon and because I understand their online jargon I can identify with them and therefore also influence them. Communication and identification.