Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wisdom 101 - Six Simple Rules for a Better Life

A friend whose judgment I trust strongly recommended that I read the book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life: Practical, achievable ways to be happier, healthier and more (2011), by David J. Singer. When the book arrived I opened it to the Contents page. I thought, Only six rules? Each chapter is devoted to a rule. Chapter 1, Be Happy. The others were equally broad: Be Nice, Be a Leader, Be Organized, Be a Lifelong Learner, Be Healthy…

At first I was skeptical. What could I possibly learn about being happy in a single chapter? What could I learn about being a leader?

Intrigued, I began reading. What I discovered is that Singer is a terrific writer. He communicates in a clear, conversational style that makes it seem as if author and reader are sitting in a living room chatting. He’s a great storyteller. Each chapter is packed with stories, and the stories make his points convincingly. I soon realized that Singer isn’t trying to break new ground. He’s just focusing on the good stuff.

Having finished the first chapter, I thought, Yes, if I do these things I have a great chance of being happy.

And so it went all the way through the book. Singer is a student of success and happiness. He’s read most of the classics in the self-improvement genre, and he generously shares the best insights from these authors. Reading the book was like taking a short course in having a good life. And to get an A in the course, all I have to do is implement these reminders of good, commonsense advice.

The bottom line: Even if you’ve been reading books like this all your life, you should read this one as well. It brings all that wisdom back into focus and makes it fresh—in the most entertaining way possible.

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