Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Need Money to Launch Your Business? Judy Robinett Can Help You Find It

Judy Robinett
Recently I was rereading Judy Robinett's best-selling book, How to Be a Power Connectorwhich was named by Inc. Magazine the "No. 1 Business Book" for 2014. In addition to being the author of the best book about networking ever written, she is in fact a world-class networker herself.

As I was reading her book for the third time, halfway through the introduction I was stopped by a sentence which explains that she is much more than the author of this book:

"I am a consultant specializing in putting early-stage companies in front of angel and venture capital investors."

Then I watched this video, which she made for Careerfuel.net. In six minutes, she gives the most practical guidance for finding money I've ever seen.

For small businesses to succeed in finding the right kind of funding, Judy recommends that you have to prepare well, create a concise and compelling pitch, and present it in "the right room."

I've known about incubators, angel investors and venture capitalists, but Judy mentions some sources that were new to me: family offices and crowd-funding.

She also encourages entrepreneurs to ask for help. If you're a start-up, maybe you should start with Judy

About her book...

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