Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fountain of Bliss - a 1 Minute Exercise

"Have you ever had a situation, where you were full of sorrow or pain (even physical) when out of the blue something beautiful came along and took your breath away by its sheer beauty? That could be another person, a sunset, a great piece of art, something so simple as a flower in the dirt, or a great, comforting cup of tea. And in that moment, you realized that your sorrows were gone and even your pain. And somehow your life didn’t felt so dark anymore. And you felt peace and bliss within you, maybe even while the physical pain still stayed.

Weren’t you tempted in these moments to grab that object of beauty and wanted to keep it forever? And yet somehow you never could."

Click here to go to Patrick Stoeckmann's blog, unwrap your mind, and learn about a one-minute action exercise to ignite a feeling of authentic bliss.


jane said...

I have been witness to someone close to me in great pain and mental anguish. She recently was given a puppy. That is the object that has helped her find a joy and reason for hope. It's a beautiful thing. Inspiring blog. Thanks Denny. Jane

Kathleen Scott said...

Cool. For me it's sunsets and cats and hummingbirds and a fire in the fireplace. And a warm bed on a cold night with my sweet husband lying beside me.